Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Is your team feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and finding it difficult to access their full potential? With our compassionate and empowering leadership and career coaching services, your team will finally be able to discover and embrace their superpowers to develop the confidence to work through any challenge and thrive in your company.

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Corporate Workshops

Our Corporate workshops are interactive sessions designed to create a sense of community among your employees. We offer every workshop remotely over Zoom, and each is 2 hours in length. This is an opportunity for employees to develop fresh perspectives, learn new tools, and enhance their self-awareness to bring more joy to their careers.

Leadership Coaching

Take the first step to clear the path for your employees to access their full potential and create the career they desire today.


At Clear Path Coaching, we help your employees transform their lives by developing a toolkit that they can use to work through any challenge that comes their way. Our coaching services are offered via Zoom. Our 1-on-1 coaching for individuals are designed to help them step out of their fears and doubts and and live a life of purpose, growth, and courage.

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