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Are you tired of witnessing stress, self-doubt and drama get in the way of your teams achieving their potential? 

At Clear Path Coaching, we help your employees transform their lives by enhancing self-awareness, working to their strengths, and improving business relationships.  Our 1:1 coaching for individuals’ sessions are designed to help people step out of their fears and doubts and live a life of purpose, growth, and courage. We provide a safe, non-judgemental sounding board for clients to access new perspectives, explore options and create solutions for any challenge. Coaching with Emer will help potential leaders gain the clarity, courage and confidence to achieve their potential.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your employees reach new heights.

“Working with Emer has helped me become more confident and convicted in the delivery of my business.-

My relationships in work are solid and I deal with work pressure in a healthy way.

I lean less on emotions and frustrations to get my point across and more on fact, questioning/probing forward thinking. This was achieved by working with Emer on several different scenarios.

---Emer, Senior Manager, Dublin


Our Corporate workshops are interactive sessions designed to improve wellbeing, create a sense of community and empower your employees. We offer every workshop remotely over Zoom, and each is 2 hours in length. This is an opportunity for employees to develop fresh perspectives, learn new tools, and enhance their self-awareness to bring more joy to their careers.
Praying Together
Workshop 1
Conscious Communication

The Clear Path Coaching definition of Conscious Communication is “Communicating with

purpose, in alignment with your values, to achieve your goals” 

Changes to our world with Covid-19 and a shift to work from home/hybrid teams has resulted in a big change in how we communicate, connect, and thrive. 

There is a constant challenge to help people feel connected and empowered to have confident communications to help progress their careers. This workshop will include interactive breakout sessions, best in class examples and a practical toolkit. Participants will leave the session energised to embark on a journey from self-conscious to self-confident in their communications.

Three Women
Workshop 2
The Leader In You – (designed for women)

During this interactive workshop we will explore what currently holds women back from progressing in their careers. Emer will share up to date research to bring clarity to the reality of the world of work for women. We will work through live exercises to gain awareness about what is holding attendees back such as imposter syndrome and explore tools to work through these challenges. Participants will leave the session empowered and armed with a toolkit to help them navigate any challenge and use their superpowers to achieve their potential.

This workshop brought together a group of female individuals and transformed us into allies. Because of the fresh research Emer shared, raw discussions and concrete outcomes, Emer delivered much more than a workshop.

Image by Christin Hume
The Leader In You

Perfect for a lunch and learn session this 1 hour webinar is a whistle stop tour of how to develop a self coaching mindset. Attendees will learn how to course correct when they start to lose sight of their goals and get back on the road to success. 

Participant feedback “The webinar provided an invaluable source of action-based strategies that were easy to understand, relevant to the audience and most importantly based on facts and research. I found the session really upbeat and practical in managing my mindset and wellness - while ensuring I am moving forward in my career in a meaningful way.”

We are constantly evolving our offerings and if there is a specific theme or challenge your company would like to explore for a workshop please get in touch and we can discuss how we can support you.

We are constantly evolving our offerings and if there is a specific theme or challenge your company would like to explore for a workshop please get in touch and we can discuss how we can support you.
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