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Take the first step to clear the path and create the career and life you desire today.

Emer partners with clients to get clear on their purpose and values, unlock their potential and create a tangible plan to build a bridge to the future they desire.

During coaching sessions, we will explore the patterns, behaviors and beliefs that are holding you back.

We will explore and celebrate your strengths and help you create a toolkit to empower you to work through any challenge. Throughout the coaching process you will learn to cultivate a kinder inner narrative that supports and encourages you to do great things.

Working with Emer will help you to be brave and take new risks, step forward into your full potential and live the life you want.

Emer’s clients describe her as the “Compassionate Challenger” and their “Biggest Cheerleader”.

All coaching sessions are 1:1 via Zoom or Google Meet and are 60 minutes in length. You will leave each session with an action list to work on and keep moving forward between sessions.

Working with Emer has been fantastic, the impact she has helped me deliver in such a short time was a very happy surprise!

Emer took a very personal approach to my leadership development, helping me focus on my mindset and how I talk to myself. She delivered simple and achievable steps that I could work on in between each session, all focused towards my goal and sharing her knowledge and expertise all the way. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow."

- Alex


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Have you decided that you want to move on and start a new role?

Our job search and preparation services are perfect for you. Emer will help you get match fit for the job searching process by getting clarity with your values and strengths, consulting on your CV and LinkedIn profile, (we do not write CV’s or Profiles) and helping you to develop a proactive strategy to get ahead of the race.

Emer will help you refine your interview skills, including a recorded mock interview, to help you show your best self and make the best impression to prospective employers. Emer will also share her wealth of knowledge in stress management to help you strengthen your resilience and navigate the job search process, learning and growing in confidence along the way.

All coaching sessions are 1:1 via Zoom and are 60 minutes in length. You will leave each session with an action list to work on and keep moving forward between sessions.

“Your warmth, empathy and compassion had me open up to you much faster than I normally would others. -

I think having that level of comfort helped us to discuss important topics that were impacting my decisions very early on. You were direct and didn't shy away from difficult questions and had me reflect on all areas of my life (not just career) but it was done in a gentle and compassionate manner which made the whole process much easier - or as easy as that kind of reflection can be!

---Niamh, Entrepreneur, Dublin

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