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Since working with Emer I have grown in confidence, ambition and focus. I was six months into starting my own business when we had our first meeting. I was frustrated with my growth so far and was lacking in confidence and direction. What I ended up accomplishing in my first year of business would have been unimaginable to me six months in. The confident, ambitious woman I became from working with Emer made all of this possible.

Emer knows what to listen for in order to help you to help yourself. She doesn’t tell you what to do. She is incredible at helping you to tell yourself what to do. This means that no matter what industry you work in, Emer can help you discover the path to success that works for you!  


- Aideen, Entrepreneur, Dublin

I am more confident and convicted in my delivery of my business since working with Emer. My relationships in work are solid and I deal with work pressure in a healthy way. Throughout my sessions with Emer, I have learnt to lean less on emotions and frustrations to get my point across and more on facts and probing questioning.  Emer creates a non- judgemental space where I can work on challenging topics. She holds me accountable when she sees I am going off track and asks thought provoking and sometimes difficult questions.  She is the first coach that I have worked with who calls out the elephant in the room and has created such a safe space that I can access new perspectives and creative solutions to move forward.


-Emer Senior Manager, Sales

"Working with Emer has been fantastic, the impact she has helped me deliver in such a short time was a very happy surprise! Emer took a very personal approach to my leadership development, helping me focus on my mindset and how I talk to myself. She delivered simple and achievable steps that I could work on in between each session, all focused towards my goal and sharing her knowledge and expertise all the way. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow."

Alex – Enterprise Sales


"It was a joy working with Emer, and I can’t recommend her enough for anyone looking to find clarity in the approach to their goals, both personal or professional. Emer helped me break down my broad and overwhelming ambitions into bite-sized pieces, all while focusing on the connectivity of my career, wellness, and personal life. Her empathy and experience create an environment where it is easy to be vulnerable, to feel heard, and to get to the heart of difficult topics like limiting beliefs and self-talk. As a result of our sessions, I feel motivated and focused, and am equipped with a new toolkit to tackle the next phase of my life. I am very grateful for the time I spent with Emer, and know that the lessons she’s imparted, and the learning we’ve done together, will continue to serve me in the years to come."


--Kate, Senior Consultant – London

"I think having that level of comfort helped us to discuss important topics that were impacting my decisions very early on. You were direct and didn't shy away from difficult questions and had me reflect on all areas of my life (not just career) but it was done in a gentle and compassionate manner which made the whole process much easier - or as easy as that kind of reflection can be! Since working with you I make decisions in a much more considered way. I was really struggling with balancing my drive and goals while also taking care of my health. I'm much more compassionate towards myself and seek to make sure that the choices not only serve me, fit my values but also won't negatively impact my health and wellbeing. You also prompted me to properly reflect on my achievements which has made me feel more confident in myself and what I can achieve going forward.” 


---Niamh, Entrepreneur, Dublin

"Working with Emer has been pivotal in developing my career since we started working together in 2020. Having a coach with an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, neuroscience and psychology combined with compassion, has given me an informed and incredibly supportive platform for setting and achieving goals. I am so grateful for having Emer as a coach, as she provides me with the tools to reach my goals."



Emer has the rare ability to grasp what you are feeling, needing and requesting.
Time with Emer leaves you with profound perspectives, a new awakening, concrete actions and most importantly she helps you recenter gracefully and regain the control you need to thrive in any situation! She is an exceptional coach and I would highly recommend her.

-Abi – Senior Director Sales


"I worked with Emer over a period of 6 weeks. In that time my productivity increased ten fold. Tasks I had put on the long finger for months ( and in certain cases, years) due to fear, self doubt and good old procrastination got ticked off the to do list. Emer helped me focus what had seemed like an overwhelming jumble of tasks into a doable action list. Her sessions gave me a boost of confidence, clarity and ignited a drive within me to pursue my passion."

- Clare, Entrepreneur - Wicklow


I worked with Emer from October 2020 to March 2021. Emer is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a great listener and empowers you to be on the driver seat of your life through great impact questions. She uses her skills but also knowledge from other disciplines to help you approach change in a holistic manner. I would highly recommend her to any person who is looking for someone to help them facilitate change in their own lives. Thanks Emer!

- Bene, Sales Consultant


"Emer’s blend of empathy and encouragement along with her pragmatic approach is what makes her an amazing coach. I experienced Emer as extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I’m very grateful for my time with her as it empowered me and gave me the confidence to make a really worthwhile career shift."

- Leah, Counsellor, Dublin


"Emer is hugely knowledgeable on the challenges that face us all in modern life but in particular women in tech. Her background in tech combined with her coaching experience make her completely unique and well placed to help our women's employee resource group. Her webinar provided an invaluable source of action based strategies that were easy to understand, relevant to the audience and most importantly based on facts and research. I found the session really upbeat and practical in managing my mindset and wellness - while ensuring I am moving forward in my career in a meaningful way. This has been especially beneficial in this new remote Covid era. I would highly recommend Emer to any individual or employee resource group. The webinar benefitted us not only as individuals but helped us collectively come together in a more meaningful and supportive way after the webinar. Thank you Emer!"


- Leader in You Webinar
Grainne, Senior Customer Success Manager - Dublin

“We had the privilege of hosting Emer Deane from Clear Path Coaching for our Women's Inspire Network" Launch - a workshop focused on “The Leader in You”. This workshop brought together a group of female individuals and transformed us into allies. Because of the fresh research Emer shared, raw discussions and concrete outcomes, Emer delivered much more than a workshop. She created a lasting sense of community amongst the group. A massive thank you to Emer for creating an engaging and safe platform for all participants. The workshop has had a lasting impact which I believe will contribute to each of our successes in the future. Looking forward to working with you again soon"

--Leader in You Workshop Organiser, Dublin

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